Why I stopped playing Dice with Ellen

So as you may of guessed I used to play the Ellen version of Yartzee.

However recently i stopped and i doubt i will ever go back to it.


For starters the non human players ie. Ellen and her team are Rock solid. You can easily burn though bonus rolls trying to hold onto your streak.

Ellen her self is near impossible to beat in lucky dice in my experience. 

Second bonus rolls scratchers are mostly duds and on the odd occasion 1 or 2 roll bonus. When i surrendered my last games i had 13 bonus scratchers and not one was over 2 rolls. As for the 200 rolls forget it.

Audio is also an problem there are only very few voice clips which get dull after only 3 games, and you either turn off all sfx or have Ellen say her quotes.

1 point = “1 point . you cant say you didnt try”, full house = “call dj, stepheny snd Michelle because you have got an full house”, small straight “thats an small staight like my accountant” and five plaloozer “tharts fufudh7ccntsbtdub dgvgdhxrhb gffhbxthv” 

Yes 5 plaloozer audio is messed up bad i guess they are looking to repesent the crowd going nuts for it but all it does is sound terrible.

Add to that the pop up ellen giving me such gems as “the best things come in threes” and “an staight like an straight machhelto … Look it up” do not help matters.

Now this is not an dig at ellen as i find her fairly funny and quick witted. Im talking about the game.

How to fix it?

Fix these things and ill return otherwise im sorry but dice with ellen is not for me.


Author: gareth316

Well welcome to the musings of me. beyond th 140 charaters of twitter, and with less spam posts of facebook.

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