The 3 word search game?

So it’s time to blog as it is the last day before I return to work after new year. And with the deletion of the old posts I have to explain the 3 word game.

The 3 word search game started life on an other blog I had where I read that n0 matter what term you searched for you could in theory find something. 

So that became the challenge find 3 random words and see what would turn up.

So the links you get are the 1st safe for work links none advertising links on the sites in question. And the final one is one I feel either matches the search best or I found the most intresting of the options.

So here is today’s : password, tense, know

Youtube: Learn CONTINUOUS TENSES in English the EASY way

Google:What is the English tense and usage

Bing : do you know all 12 english tenses

Favourite Link: 25 worst passwords


Author: gareth316

Well welcome to the musings of me. beyond th 140 charaters of twitter, and with less spam posts of facebook.

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