An foolish attempt 

So if your an regular here. Then you’ll see I’ve had an tidy up. I’ve dumped all the old blog posts. Removed all the old media links and I now look at an blank slate for an foolish attempt. That’s right I’m going to try to blog once an day. I’ll be covering everything that goes on and the effects there in.

So 1st projects. 

1. New YouTube videos : I haven’t done one in over an year so I’ll be doing one where I revisit the “joy of minecraft” series.

2. Audio : further podcasts on Lexx and more in the Douglas Universe oddessy.  Also tales from an former galatic empire will be finished. 

3 . This daily blog.

So there is that.

Ps. Random word Link : childish snail space

Youtube: Snail Bob 4 : Space complete walk though 1-26

Google : Childish Relaxed Snail Jersey Pants

Bing: Childish Stock Photos

Favourite Link : Talking Animals in British Children’s Fiction, 1786-1914
By Tess Cosslett


Author: gareth316

Well welcome to the musings of me. beyond th 140 charaters of twitter, and with less spam posts of facebook.

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